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A title serves as proof of ownership, be it a car, truck, trailer, mobile home, vessel, ATV, etc. When ownership changes hands between 2 parties thru a sale, gift, inheritance, or abandonment, coincidental gain, title transfer must take place.
New to Pennsylvania?
In order to obtain registration in Pennsylvania, the said vehicle must be retitled to Pennsylvania.
Still paying on your vehicle?
We will communicate with your lienholder to request the documentation required for us to facilitate the title transfer.
Title Transfer -Transference of ownership between 2 parties, or out-of-state resident relocating to Pennsylvania who needs Pennsylvania Registration
Duplicate Title Service – Replacement of lost, or stolen title
Title Transfer
You micense or PA Photo ID, the Title as well as Proof of insurance, such as a valid insurance ID card, Binder, or Declaration Page. Also, If the vehicle was purchased within the last 6 months, a sales tax receipt is needed. If the title is held by a lienholder (bank, credit union, etc.) we will assist you in contacting the lienholder that we may obtain the vehicle’s title.
NOTE: The vehicle being transferred must be present for VIN and Mileage verification. If for some reason it is unavailable, A tracing of the vehicle ID or serial number will be needed. If you are unable to get a legible tracing, these are acceptable forms:
A clear photo of the number or Verification by a Certified Vehicle PA Vehicle Safety Inspection Mechanic will suffice.
Please Remember That State & Service Fees Apply
Duplicate PA Title
If you title has been lost or damaged; All vehicle owners must be present with Valid Acceptable ID. Please bring one of the following as well.
Title Number
Plate Number
We process the duplicate request INSTANTLY and a new title will be sent to your address within 7 to 10 business days.